Lover of health food. Secret lover of junk food. Dreamer who loves to procrastinate.

A mum who is forever trying to discover & learn new things. About anything. For any purpose. Without any agenda. As long as it helps avoid chores.

A mum who is forever rolling her eyes mentally while straight-facedly carrying on intellectual conversations with her daughter.



LittleFoodDiary is a discovery platform for Healthy Food Choices for Kids. The featured Healthy Snacks for Kids may/may not be targeted at kids but Little Food Diary views these from a parents’ microscope, looking at what is suitable for our children’s consumption and for our own consumption too. Because lest we forget, our relationship with food will to a large extent determine our children’s tastes and relationship with food.



As with many new parents, ever since my little one started the weaning process, I became obsessed with the quality of food going inside her tummy. Following the Indian mantra of freshly made, nutritious food with a lot of variety to keep the interest alive was the obvious choice. But the best laid plans often face impediments. And so did these – travelling, arrival of unhealthy temptations in the house for parties, weekend treats, toddler meltdowns, cook on vacation (!), parent laziness etc. etc.

Thus followed my parallel obsession: looking for readily available, packaged products with good quality ingredients, low-salt, low-sugar, yet somehow appealing to a child. At one time, I even nursed a desire to start a product line and actually put in some amount of research behind it. This lead me to discover a number of start-ups and local players who were already crafting food items suitable for little ones. I tried a few products and then some more. Amazed at some, appalled at others, I wondered how other parents hadn’t yet discovered them (no scientific evidence, based on purely my own interactions with other parents). And set to put that anomaly right.


Disclaimer: I buy all the products that I review. No brand has tried to influence any of my reviews (yet!).

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