Slurrp Farm Dosa & Pancake Mix – Healthy Yumminess

Slurrp Farm Dosa & Pancake Mix – Healthy Yumminess

The dosai in our house come with a power packed peanut chutney (and sambhar, but it’s mostly either too spicy or too vegetable-y for the little one’s taste). Pancakes are always fortified with mashed fruit and eggs. Both meals have a 100% satisfaction rate.

But nutty nutrition obsessed moms do what nutty nutrition obsessed moms do. They want to make that hit rate count even more. So despite my reservations, I decide to try out the millet-y Slurrp Farm Dosa Mix and the Slurrp Farm Pancake Mix and review them.


Slurrp Farm Dosa & Pancake Mix Review


About the Product

Although I buy the Slurrp Farm Dosa Mix, I am secretly convinced this experiment will flop. Afterall, most powdered batters I have tried have had consistency issues. But these ones are healthy. Plus, no artificial ingredients. It’s a promising start.

Slurrp Farm Dosa & Pancake Mix

Packaging In true Slurrp Farm style, the packaging is user friendly AND kid friendly. Decent sized pouches with nice colours (although a tad dull), well written text… so far so good.

Taste The first surprise is how easy it is to spread and make both the products. And the colours post cooking are true to the ingredients.

The millet pancakes are a runaway success. They smell chocolatey and taste chocolatey. But surprisingly, they aren’t very sweet. In fact, we use honey as a dip to eat them.

Slurrp Farm Dosa & Pancake MixAs for the dosa mix, I just love it! It spreads just the way it should, and is flavoured perfectly. The daughter was put-off by the colour the first time, but when I put it into her mouth surreptitiously, she liked it. Still, it will take a little getting used to.

Variety Slurrp Farm Millet Dosa for kids comes in two flavours

  • Supergrains & Beetroot
  • Supergrains & Spinach

The Slurrp Farm Millet Pancake for kids is also available in two flavours

  • Chocolate & Supergrains
  • Banana Choco-Chip & Supergrains

Ingredients  Oats, Ragi (finger millet), Foxtail Millet, Jaggery, Sugar, Cocoa, Beetroot, Cumin, the list of real ingredients goes on. But no artificial flavours or preservatives. Feed your little one without any guilt!

Portion Size The dosa batters are more like chilla (Indian savoury lentil pancakes) batters mainly because they are heavier & flavoured unlike your regular rice dosa. So portion will need to be monitored accordingly. Pancakes are similar to other American style pancakes, and can be made thick and fluffy or thinnish & crispy.

However, the packaging does not mention portion size as per age (this seems to be the running theme in most Indian products). I so wish this would change!


Appeal To

Children Both the pancake batter and the dosa batter will appeal depending on your child’s taste. From a parent’s viewpoint, the batters are flawless.

Weightwatchers Slurrp Farm millet dosa and pancake mixes are the weekly cheat you can indulge in. Good taste, pan fried and healthy ingredients, they ticks all the boxes.

Workout Snack Consider the dosa for a nutrition dense, guilt-free breakfast. As for the pancake, be judicious since it contains sugar.


Where Can I Buy From?

Slurrp Farm Batters can be bought across multiple stores in Delhi NCR offline or online from, and BabyChakra.



The Slurrp Mix Dosa Mix pouch retails for ₹150 per 150 gm pack while the Slurrp Farm Pancake Mixes are priced at ₹200 per 150 gm pack.


Overall Appeal



Last Words: Slurrp Farm Dosa Mix and Slurrp Farm Pancake Mix will make good meals for the entire family, not just the little ones.

Also, importantly, the Slurrp Farm Dosa Mix and the Slurrp Farm Pancake Mix are both vegan and lactose free. The pancake mix recommends milk and/or eggs to amp the flavour, but both of those can be substituted by water or almond milk. Works just as well. Coconut milk is a potential mixer as well although I haven’t tried that.


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