Nutritatva – An Interesting New Age Snack

Nutritatva – An Interesting New Age Snack

The first time I stumbled upon NutriTatva on Amazon, I was intrigued – a vegetable based snack maker in my own backyard (Gurgaon, India) creating such seemingly interesting things. Wow!

I quickly scoured their products, the website & the Facebook page only to discover something strange. They offered their range of four flavours online in packs of 5, but each pack contained 5 bags of the same flavour. So I wrote to the Nutritatva team asking for a trial assortment pack and in less than 24 hours, received a response in the affirmative. They needed 2 days to create the new SKU and log it on Amazon but that was it. And when it was done, they wrote to say that it was available (good follow up!), and I instantly ordered.


Nutritatva High Fibre Snack Review


About the Product

Nutritatva Spicy Lemon
Nutritatva Spicy Lemon

Packaging – Nutritatva products come in foil resealable pouches of good quality. The information on the front and back of the pack is quite apt and I tore the packs open with anticipation. Not quite knowing what to expect, the ‘bits’ inside each pack, nevertheless, surprised me. Perhaps see-through packaging would have been a good idea.

Taste – Very unique flavours. And although not all variants will be to everyone’s taste, I was quite pleased with them. Nutritatva’s Facebook page suggests using the snack bits as a power snack ingredient with yoghurt or other mixers and that sounds promising. In any case, I have started carrying them in my purse as an on-the-go snack.

Variety – Nutritatva currently sells five variants of the veggie high-fibre snack: Savoury Ginger Beet Bits, Tangy Cumin Squash Bits, Sweet Cinnamon Carrot Bits, Spicy Lemon Squash Bits, Papaya Punch Papaya Bits plus a mixed bag with Crunchy Nuts & Nuggets and a newly introduced pack of Chia Seeds that I haven’t yet tried.

Good thing is that each product is distinctly different from the other. My favourites are the Savoury Ginger Beet Bits followed by the Spicy Lemon Squash Bits.

Ingredients – Nutritatva uses only real stuff. No preservatives, no flavourings, nothing that you don’t want. The great thing about the dried food format is that is a preservation method on its own and hence requires no artificial add-ons. Plus, food when dried enhances the flavours of the vegetables. So a double thumbs up to that.


Appeal To

Children – The strong flavouring of the spices may not appeal to many young children. Certainly my daughter, who doesn’t eat anything with even a hint of spice, was not jumping with joy but slightly older children who like to experiment will enjoy this as a sometime snack.

Weightwatchers – Good snacking option that caters to both your sweet tastebuds and the chatpata ones.

Workout Snack – The high fibre content in Nutritatva make it a good option especially as a pre workout munchie.

Nutritatva Tangy Cumin

Where Can I Buy From?

The LFD Shop or their website.



₹300 for each pack of 5 (similar or assorted) or ₹60 upwards for each pack.


Overall Appeal


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