Easy Egg Recipes for Kids

Easy Egg Recipes for Kids

Blessed are the parents whose children eat at least one food item from every food group. For the rest of us, sneaking is a very real strategy!

Let’s take the example of eggs, a superfood for kids by most accounts. Children (like adults) love eggs, hate eggs or want to eat them only occasionally. Ideally, this should not matter but added to the fact that many of these same children turn their face away from dal, nuts, veggies, milk, meat etc., it becomes a problem. You cannot in good conscience expect them to get all their nutrients from supplements, all the time (unless there is an underlying medical condition)!


Easy Egg Recipes for Kids.. or Sneaky Ways to Add Eggs to Kids Food!


1. Cakes & Muffins

The easiest answer to “How to Make my Kid Eat Eggs?”. Cakes and muffins or indeed most baked treats use eggs for texture and fluffiness. They are an easy way to incorporate eggs in kids diets. However, the sugar and refined flour in cakes and muffins means that you cannot offer them to kids everyday.

But fret not, for there are other egg recipes for breakfast – which also work well for school lunch – that you can offer to kids more frequently.


2. Pancakes

Pancakes, yum! All kids love them. The good news is you CAN make super healthy and yummy pancakes using regular ingredients like atta, milk, eggs, fruit, butter and sugar. This excellent pancake recipe promises you full marks from kids and your own conscience.


3. Egg Dosa

Egg Recipes for Kids

Dosa is not only a much beloved snack for most kids but also a very healthy one! And when I think of the perfect egg recipe for school lunch, this is it.

Fermenting a mix of rice and dal elevates the nutritional quotient of both rice and dal. And adding egg is like a cherry on the cake (dosa).


Egg Dosa Recipe

  1. Beat an egg and keep aside. Add in salt & condiments as per taste.
  2. Spread dosa on a pan and add in the beaten egg (either half or full).
  3. Spoon ghee or oil around the dosa in the usual manner.
  4. The egg mix will cook along with the dosa.
  5. Flip once to ensure the egg cooks through and voila, your egg dosa is ready!

The sourness of the dosa actually masks the egg-y flavour, and the egg dosa may soon become the go to snack in your house!


4. Pasta (Sauce)


Very few kids say no to pasta. And a wholesome pasta sauce with veggies and or chicken is an easy sneak to push healthy food into kids plates.

A beaten egg, finely minced, when mixed with the sauce can add texture (but not too much flavour) and many minerals important for your child’s well-being.

The red pasta sauce can sneak in more veggies while a white cheesy variant will hide the egg more effectively.


P. S.

  • When introducing eggs for the first time in your child’s diet, give a small amount on Day 1 to test for allergy.
  • If you are in general struggling with a #pickyeater, try this approach.
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