Nourishvitals Fruit Candy – Nourishes the Body & the Tastebuds

Nourishvitals Fruit Candy – Nourishes the Body & the Tastebuds

The NourishVitals review had me excited! Dehydrated or dried fruits in India are generally limited to aam-papad and amla. A brand was actually using and drying Indian produce like mangos (of course), peaches, plums, pineapple etc. to produce fruit candy. I was looking forward to this tasting.I had initially bought a single pack of dehydrated strawberries from Amazon for a trial. When that proved a hit, I went ahead and bought a 3 pack consisting of dehydrated pineapple, peach & plum candy.


Nourishvitals Review


About the Product

Packaging – the packs feel very posh & premium, like something you would have bought in Europe. The plastic jars are long, deep and really packed with fruit. In fact it’s often difficult getting the fruit out, as it tends to stick to the bottom and the walls. Nevertheless, the packaging is quite handy and great for travelling and storing.

Taste – quite enjoyable. My daughter likes the slightly moist, slightly chewy texture. However, with the pack size being so large it takes weeks and often months to finish the entire jar. And this results in the fruit drying out and becoming chewier and less tasty.

Variety – NourishVitals offers huge variety. Their candy comes in Strawberry, Plum, Pineapple, Amla, Guava, Peach, Cranberry, Mango, Apricot and Mixed Fruit versions. This is truly what tutti-fruiti was intended to be and I fully intend to use it in a home baked bread version.

Ingredients – Contains only dehydrated fruit & sulphurless sugar. The fact that NourishVitals bothered to use sulphurless sugar, really gladdened my heart!


Appeal To

Nourish Vitals

Children – The sweetness will definitely be a plus, but many kids won’t enjoy the chewiness. Also desirability of this snack will differ across variants for every kid.

Weightwatchers – Good as munchies, but in small quantities.

Workout Snack – Can be a fruit/dry fruit substitute. But go easy on the quantity because of the added sugar.


Where Can I Buy From?

Try their website or LFD Shop or



NourishVitals fruit candy is priced on the higher side, with the cheapest product being dehydrated amla @ ₹299 per 200gms. The most expensive product currently is the 200gm pack of dehydrated strawberries at ₹435.


Overall Appeal



My suggestion to NourishVitals: take out variety packs in smaller sizes.

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