Wandering Foodie Ladoo – Pure Goodness

Wandering Foodie Ladoo – Pure Goodness

Remember the yummy sweetmeats your grandma used to make? With a generous helping of everything, including ghee, dry fruits, sugar and love.

Imagine a grandma from the Konkan coast, or a village in Bengal or from the foothills of the Garhwal Hills, making just such a laddoo for you. And THAT is the laddoo that Wandering Foodie will deliver to you.


Wandering Foodie Ladoo Review


About the Product

Packaging – The Wandering Foodie Ladoos come packaged in neat 500gm cardboard boxes. The laddoos inside are also each individually ensconced in plastic round globules. Almost as if one is scared they will disintegrate into a halwa without them (they probably would). Packaging on the whole is nice but the whole process of getting to the ladoo is a little tedious. On the flipside though, the salivation is on an overdrive by the time you take the first bite.

Wandering Foodie Ladoo Review

Taste – The anticipation is actually worth it! Both the Daraba Ladoo and the Nachni Ladoo that we tried are fabulous. Soft with ghee, mildly flavoured with cinnamon or cardamom and a heavenly mouthful. Both the variants tend to be pasty and you need to literally lick out the plastic rounds, or at the very least spoon them out. But it leads to an involvement with the eating process that is missing from our daily culinary journeys. So yay to that!

Variety – There are 3 variants of Wandering Foodie laddoos available currently, viz., Khandesh Daraba (wheat) Ladoo, Konkan Nachni (ragi) Ladoo & Bihar Sattu (Bengal gram) Ladoo. They also retail an assorted ladoo pack that carries besan ladoo in the mix. But, those are not available separately for retail sale.

Ingredients – In my opinion, the fewer the ingredients in a product, the better it is. And so is the case with the Wandering Foodie Ladoos. Sprouted ragi, wheat (soaked & ground to derive daraba), ghee, sugar, cinnamon & cardamom are the only ingredients use. No preservatives or other artificial contaminants find place here making it one of very few Healthy Indian Sweets for Kids in the market.

Portion – Like all things sweet, the children did not want to stop at eating just one laddoo. But each piece packs an energy punch and the quantity needs to be restricted at 1/2 to 1 laddoo per snack time. Even for adults, one laddoo works well as a mini snack.



Appeal To

Children – Hands down, all kids will love the ladoos (unless they don’t like Indian sweets). And thus, portioning will become essential.

Weightwatchers – Wandering Foodie ladoos are just like any other Indian sweet, so treat them with the same caution. The difference here is that sprouted ragi/wheat tend to be healthier than the regular gramflour/wheatflour etc. that constitute other ladoos. Moreover, the ladoos are not syrupy sweet adding to their healthiness score.

Workout Snack – For all those who cannot resist Indian sweets, having a laddoo (or any other sweet) in the morning or pre-workout is a better way of burning calories than eating it later.


Where Can I Buy From?

Wandering Foodie Ladoos retail from the LFD Shop, their website as well as from amazon.in.



The Wandering Foodie Ladoo review was one of the easiest to write. They are yummy. They are authentic. They are good for you and the kids. But the pricing was my bone of contention. Buying laddoos at more than ₹1,000 per kg is just not a viable proposition. Sadly, at least for me, they will only ever be a special occasion buy!


Overall Appeal


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