Keya Freeze Dried Snackers – Fun New On The Go Snacking

Keya Freeze Dried Snackers – Fun New On The Go Snacking

Freeze dried snacks are already a big health fad in the West. What’s not to like – the fruit/veggie is in its real form, picked when it’s at its best, freeze dried immediately to preserve its flavours, nutrients & fibre AND can be eaten as a snack on-the-go without fear of spoilage!

The downside of course is that once freeze dried, the product flavour gets too intense and can sometimes be overwhelming. But like most health food enthusiasts, I simply love these too.

I have long admired the Keya brand for getting their spice mixes and condiments so right, the product, pricing, timing, availability, packaging… And this time too, with their Freeze Dried Snackers range, they seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon at the right time


Keya Freeze Dried Snackers Review


About the Product

Packaging – As I just mentioned, the packaging for the Keya Freeze Dried Snackers range is spot on. The pouch packs are easy to open, hygienic, easy to store & carry as well as functional with feel good graphics.

The negative is that there is no resealable Ziploc. Ideally this doesn’t matter because the pack sizes are quite small (25gms) and meant for single time consumption. However, as is generally the case, this doesn’t quite hold true and in fact the portion gets too monotonous to finish in one go unless you are sharing. And then the fruit starts getting soft & soggy. Even though personally I enjoy this non-crispy version too, but the product does get compromised from what it was intended as.

Taste – I had ordered the Tropical Munch (a melange of bananas, pineapple & mango) and Jackfruit Crisps. And my verdict is, yummy, yummy, yummy.

But, again, the flavours do get a little intense. So the jackfruit got too much to finish for a non-lover of ripe jackfruit like me, but the mango & pineapple, I could eat forever.

Variety – Keya Freeze Dried Snackers currently has 6 variants; Tropical Munch, Jackfruit Crisps, Sweet Corn (Cream & Onion), Sweet Corn (Tangy Tomato), Power Munch & Energy Munch (the last 2 are nut based snack packs).

Ingredients – Keya Snackers contain no GMO, no added sugar or preservatives, just the real fruit. The fruits used have so much flavour and sweetness on their own that this works.


Appeal To

Children – Keya Snackers are great for them, especially for those who aren’t averse to experimenting. Some kids, though, may find them a little blah. Very young children (under 2) may have difficulty chewing the dried fruit and its best to avoid giving it to them.

Weightwatchers – A yummy alternative for those 8 on 10 (the natural sugar in the fruit is calorific as are nuts)

Workout Snack – It’s a brilliant pre work-out snack to carry to the gym.


Where Can I Buy From?

Various retail stores offline & e-commerce stores online (I bought from



Keya Freeze Dried Snackers start retailing at ₹80 per pack of 25gms.


Overall Appeal



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