Timios For Toddlers – Snacks That Look Bad, Feel Bad But Are So Good…

Timios For Toddlers – Snacks That Look Bad, Feel Bad But Are So Good…

Rare is a home that contains no market-bought packaged snacks for adults. Naturally the kids will eat them too. Children need snacks. 

But where are these child-friendly packaged snacks? Timios Snacks is the answer. ALERT: Timios was Piñata Snacks in an earlier avatar and I bought and reviewed the product range when it was still Piñata. Hence, product categorization and variety will be a little different from the current range.


Timios Snacks Review

Pinata Snacks used to come categorized by age, 1+, 2+ and 4+ and I had ordered the 2+ variety pack. Currently, this translates into the Timios Party Snack Pack of Multigrain Munchies, or Timios Munchies.


About the Product

Unlike other good-for-kids snacks, Timios Munchies don’t have an overly grainy or oaty texture, nor do they look much different from adult snacks (although that’s not going to fool the kids, so you have to cross your fingers and hope they enjoy the taste). But if your kids take to Timios, there is a real chance they will forego the deeply unhealthy chips & namkeens they will otherwise end up consuming.

Timios for Kids are just the type of munchies that you go silly hogging at one sitting. But therein lies the cinch – each pack contains enough for ONE kiddie portion only, so if the kids want to finish the whole thing, it’s not a problem!


Timios Snacks packagingPackaging – First of all, can I give Pinata/Timios a 10/10 for their delivery packaging? I felt like I was opening my birthday present, what with all the confetti and the little souvenirs thrown in. True, it was only a bookmark and a small welcome note, but then I am a sucker for any brand that shows it cares.

The individual pouches themselves are like your regular chips packs with cute graphics on them.


Taste – I ordered the 2+ year variety pack (Party Snack Pack), which consisted of Timios Snacks

  • Tomato & Cheese Rings
  • Spinach & Lime Puffs
  • Carrot & Cumin Sticks
  • Banana & Honey Stars

The flavours of Timios Munchies are very mild and taste quite similar with only a hint of differentiation. The shapes, too, are not very pronounced. Nevertheless, when I opened the snacks for a group of 3 kids, they all just grabbed them like a pack of hungry wolves (and this was just an hour post lunch).

Variety – The variety at Timios spans across savoury snacks

  • Melts for 9 months + comes in two variants.
  • Crunchies (breakfast cereal) for 2+ years has a single flavour.
  • Munchies for 2+ year olds (the ones I am reviewing here) comes in 4 variants.
  • Energy Bars for 4+ year olds has 2 variants.

Ingredients – Timios products contain only natural stuff, including rice, moong dal, fruit & veggie extracts. There are no added sugars, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, corn starch and best of all, it’s all low salt.

Portion Size – Timios Munchies come in just the right size packs. So if gobbling up an entire pack at a sitting makes your little one happy, don’t let it make you sad!


Appeal To

Children – Timios Munchies are a great alternative for children. Especially the younger ones who have not been much exposed to commercial biscuits, chips etc. Older children may find them a little boring.

Weightwatchers – Timios Snacks are an out-an-out kiddy snack and will appeal only to nutty adults like me who love funny shaped low-salt, low-spiced and low-sugared foods.

Workout Snack – Why not, but don’t.  Get some fruit or nuts instead.


Where Can I Buy From?

The Timios website is a good place to start, followed by LFD ShopAmazonFirstCryQTrove, Pharmacyonnet & 1mg.



At ₹160 for a pack of 8, Timios Munchies are very reasonably priced. Online, Timios products mainly sell in multi-unit packs.


Overall Appeal



Note: This article has been updated to reflect the brand name change of Timios, from the erstwhile Piñata.

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