Fru2Go Fruit Snack – A Sip of Goodness

Fru2Go Fruit Snack – A Sip of Goodness

While researching healthy variants of fruit drinks for kids, I stumbled upon Fru2Go. The more I read, the more I was intrigued. Fresh fruit pulp snacks for kids… wow!


Fru2Go Review


About the Product

Fru2Go is the first of its kind for the Indian market. Generally, pureed fruits in India are the reserve of babies being weaned. Or to be used in cooking – sweet pickles, jams, desserts etc. Fru2Go boldly steps into this space as a fruit snack pack for very young children, older children and even adults.

Packaging – The Fru2Go fruit snack packaging is really cool. Exactly like the squeezy packs of baby food you get abroad (Ella’s Kitchen etc.). A multi-layered packaging not only ensures hygiene but also reduces (or eliminates) the need to add preservatives. And no preservatives is one of the promises Fru2Go makes.

The freshness of the food, plus the convenience of sucking on-the-go, make this packaging brilliant for baby food. At home or on the road, it’s great always.

Taste – Each of the five variants tastes quite close to the real fruit (as it should!). But for kids hoping to sip into a commercial juice, it’s a tad disappointing. First of all the texture is thick and granular. It is fruit pulp after all. The flavour is what you would expect in pureed fruit, a bit concentrated. Unlike the pleasing sweet flavour of commercial fruit juice. Hence, it can be a bit of a hard sell for many kids. The upshot is that the potent flavour of, say mango, may end up endearing Fru2Go to many kids too!

Variety – Fru2Go fruit snack currently has 5 variantsFru2Go Review

  • Apple Banana
  • Mango
  • Mango Banana
  • Mix Fruit
  • Strawberry Banana

Ingredients – No added sugar, no added preservatives and no added colours is what the Fru2Go brand promises.

Interestingly, Fru2Go comes from the stable of Jain Farm Fresh, a food processing behemoth based out of Maharashtra. Their facility is considered best-in-class in India and their products, such as the popular Aamrus are the purest available.

Portion Size – Each of the Fru2Go fruit snack packs contain 90 grams of food pulp. The challenge is that there is no mention of the quantity of fruit going into each pack. So should the child consume ½ or 1 pack at a go? And how much will it count towards their five-a-day portion of fruits & veggies? Of course, given the thickness of the fruit blends, younger kids may not even be able to consume more than a pack at a time.


Appeal To

Children – Children will love the idea of Fru2Go fruit snack and will enjoy holding it and perhaps sipping it too. But many of those over 2 will be put off by the texture.

Weightwatchers – Fru2Go is pure fruit. Naturally that means it is fairly sugar-ful. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, but do treat is as part of your daily fruit intake and manage portions accordingly.

Workout Snack – A great snack pre-workout, especially the banana blended variants. Even otherwise, it’s a good, convenient snack through the day. Highly recommend keeping one in your gym bag!


Where Can I Buy From?

As I write this Fru2Go review, I realize it is not well distributed across the country yet. Their website shows the products availability at multiple stores across the country, but I couldn’t locate them in the stores close to my home in Gurgaon. Ultimately, I found them on Milkbasket, a Gurgaon only online grocery shopping app. They are more abundantly available across DMart and other modern trade across Maharashtra.

Fru2Go fruit snack can be bought online from Jain Farm Fresh. Delivery, though, is restricted to Maharashtra and some surrounding areas.



₹25 per pack, any variant.


Overall Appeal

4/5. I must congratulate the Fru2Go team for diving into this gap in the Indian market. I think they will do well to position the Fru2Go fruit pulp as baby snacks (or for adults as mixers ;)).

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