Frubites – The Healthy Munch

Frubites – The Healthy Munch

Freeze dried fruits seem to be the new fad! As I sat down to do the Frubites review, I wondered if the product that claims to be “India’s first real fruit snack with crunch” was better or worse than the ones we had already tried.

I had with me two variants from Frubites, the banana and chikoo/sapota. Both looked promising and the time was right for some fruit munching.

Would it pass muster? There was only one way to find out.


Frubites Review


About the Product

Packaging The packaging is fab-u-lous! I reckon it must have cost a bomb, but more on that later. The corrugated board, the paper feel and the plastic lid, it’s all perfect. Somewhat like a mini pumped up shuttlecock case, with such tasty contents!

Taste I know I already gave myself away, but the contents are super yummy. You actually feel as if you are eating the real fruit. The daughter was excited and loved the first piece of chikoo I put in her mouth when she was busy playing. However, when she asked for more and I offered her the box, all of it came undone. The piece looked like real chikoo and real healthy. So, it was a no go :D.

Variety The Frubites website shows 5 versions of freeze dried fruit currently, viz., pineapple, strawberries, chikoo, mango & banana.

Ingredients Frubites uses 100% organic fruit, no preservatives and no added sugar. The taste certainly speaks for the ingredients. Big thumbs up!


frubites review


Appeal To

Children Undoubtedly, this organic fruit snack is a great snack for children. Most should enjoy munching on it, while a few may get put off by its ‘real’ appearance.

Weightwatchers – Frubites are real fruits. So treat them and eat them as much or as less as a regular fruit. An advantage is that Frubites are more convenient to carry compared to fruits.

Workout Snack Since most Frubites’ variants are of the sweeter variety, they would make a good pre-workout bite.


Where Can I Buy From?

The Frubites websiteAmazonLFD ShopBigBasket carry their products currently.



Expensive. Consider this, for a 20gm portion (strawberry is 15g), the price can range from ₹119-₹200. Even assuming the 20gm fruit was 200gm pre-freeze drying, it still does not make economic sense. While I understand that the premium ingredients, packaging and technology must all have been quite pricey, ultimately if the cost structure makes no sense to the consumer, it shouldn’t make sense to the manufacturer.


Overall Appeal



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