Happy Tummys – A Yummy State Of Mind

Happy Tummys – A Yummy State Of Mind

Happy Tummys is a mom-n-dad startup catering to the sweet taste buds of young ‘uns.

Happy Tummys Review


Each flavour of Happy Tummys Snack Bars for Kids is beautifully crafted to achieve taste, texture and that little dose of extra: health. And that’s what will make them an instant hit with parents. But will the children feel the same? Read the Happy Tummys Review and figure out.


About the Product

Packaging – Happy Tummys has nailed their packaging. The feel of the product is very organic, handcrafted and international. The bars come in well-designed boxes, each with their own individually wrapping. The graphics are fabulous. I wouldn’t be surprised if the founders have done them in-house. The values of the brand come through so well, it is as if the person designing was fully immersed into the product.

Taste – Quite yummy. I especially love the fact that the Happy Tummys bars are not loaded with oats and are in fact quite soft & chewy. I order them more for myself than my daughter because she tends to run a mile from anything that looks remotely healthy (and that her mum openly enjoys).

Variety – Happy Tummys currently makes four variants of oaty snack bars with plans to introduce more. These are

  • Almond Date
  • Malty Banana
  • Peanut Butter Raisin
  • the newly launched Apple Cranberry

Ingredients – This child friendly organization uses only real & natural stuff, with no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or even refined sugars. Also, the products are 100% vegetarian and are lactose free.

Some of the oft used ingredients in Happy Tummys products are oats, honey, almonds, dates, cashews, dried banana, dried apples, dried cranberries, peanuts, black raisins, etc.

Portion Size – A big plus with Happy Tummys is that each snack bar portion has been created for single time consumption by children. So while they may be a tad tiny for adults, Happy Tummys’ lines children’s tummies just fine!


Appeal To

Children – Unlike my fussy imp, many kids should love these snack bars. And so should most adults.

Weightwatchers – Possibly as a cheat treat.

Workout Snack – It’s a good snack/energy bar for pre workout needs, especially as it comes in a small pack size (important!).


Where Can I Buy From?

Buy Happy Tummys Snack Bars from the LFD Shop, their website , Amazon, www.milkbasket.com (Delhi NCR based grocery shopping app) or from multiple high end and kirana retail stores.



₹210-225 for a pack of 5 bars, could be same flavour or mixed. However, their packaging and sizes tend to change so it’s best to check while buying.


Overall Appeal

4/5. Let me come out and say this, I love them!

Happy Tummys Snack Bars Review



Disclaimer: After I bought their first pack, I received a surprise care package from Happy Tummys for Christmas (this was before LittleFoodDiary was even born) with samples of the then new flavour – Apple Cranberry – contained within. The thoughtfulness bowled me over and that may show through in my review.




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  1. enjoyed reading your well researched products : all easy to carry along guilt free n tasteful snacks

    Wonder if you could also look into small ready to cook / eat meals for older age groups too?
    Also , could you compare different brands of a
    Thanks will look forward to further postings..

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